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Game - to enter into negotiations for a compact for Class III gaming on tribal lands. For - indian gaming issues should not be isolated from the history of federal-Indian relations The federal government's exercise of its trust responsibility toward tribal governments has never been backed by popular political support This federal trust responsibility has worked as an essential foundation for safeguarding tribal governments from aggressive tactics by state governments whose actions are motivated by the majority interests The means exist under IGRA for the federal government to take the lead in resolving gaming disputes through the administrative process The Colville Tribes ask that the federal government fufill its unique responsibility to Tribal governments to safeguard this important new source of government revenue and employment We ask that Congress and the Administration take the long view and recognize this important obligation to protect Tribal rights to self determination and economic CONFEDERATED TRIBES OF THE COLVILLE RESERVATION LOCAL COMMUNITIES SUPPORT FOR GAMING OPERATIONS The Colville Indian Reservation is located in a remote part of Washington State with high unemployment and few opportunities for economic development. I have no knowledge of anything that was done with respect to item Question: online. THIS CLAUSE SHALL SURVIVE gcash FAILURE OF AN EXCLUSIVE REMEDY.